It simply doesnt add up

Couple of interesting points. DCAL capital budget for next four years is £14m (the MAC?) 21.9m, 22.2m and in 14/15 £85.8m
So I wouldnt rush out and by any season tickets for the new stadiums.

Also the Budget includes £274m from the Republic for the A4/A8 – albeit mainly in 2014/15. Despite Osborne lending the Republic considerable sums I dont think I would bet the house on this happening still it lets Sammy talk a good game.

Belfast Harbour – rather like the Housing assocs the Executive appears not have talked this through with the Harbour. Their terse statement yesterday implied they simply will not play ball unless they are given (via legislation) the commercial freedoms previous Assemblys denied them. Again a tad risky to include these sums – but again it allows Sammy to talk a good game.

My guess is that the Housing Assoc money, the Irish Govt money and the Harbour money will never materialise but Water charges will – after the election


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