Smoke and mirrors

Okay I have a political agenda but it really is depressing how poor the mainstream media have been in examining the draft Budget.


Kevin Magee had a bit of a go


But effectively is left scratching his head.


He mentions the Housing Association money and the Harbour Commissioners money which as I have suggested above it is doubtful if this can be realised.

He realises the whole thing is predicated on absolutely huge asset sales that simply wont happen in this climate.


Kevin also mentions the Supermarket plastic bag tax. Apparently this is need revenue that can be used to ‘fill the gap’ – except in can’t. The Executive has signed up to spending the £16m raised on the Green New Deal.

Before environmentalists out there get excited by Sammy’s conversion to green politics I have to point out that Green New Deal consists of a ‘total cost of the investment in 100,000 homes is £253 million of which £72 million is being

sought from Government as grant support for householders’

So in effect the Executive has told the whole Green New Deal coalition to take a hike and bunged them a paltry £4m a year to keep them quiet


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